Below is a small fraction of the kinds of freebies I have received from freebiejeebies.

And as each month passes, more and more news networks, gadget shows and blogging sites are discussing the wonder that is freebiejeebies, and what epic results people are experiencing. With a giant giveaway value of $2,122,178.06 in free stuff from free iPads, free iPhones and much more.

Below are some videos and reports from around the internet reporting on the exact same concept as freebiejeebies. This just goes to show that it is actually possible to receive free stuff from freebiejeebies.

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NBC – 7 News (USA)

This video report from Bostsons, Randy Price reporting on the new craze where a similar site to freebiejeebies are able to offer away free gadgets and iPods for simply completing 1 offer and getting some friends to do the same.


Erica Hill reports again on the freebie networks that are giving away free gifts to all new members who sign up and meet the simple site requirements to gain a free iPod or iPhone.


The newsnight team talk to 2 students who have also received freebies. All ranging from iPods, iPhones and games consoles.


The shows preseneter John Bently, proves that freebiejeebies is real and works 100%.

The video is an apology due to them making a mistake when talking about their service.